Outboard motor leaking water lower unit

Outboard motor leaking water lower unit


Outboard Water Pump Repair Just the Impeller or you can replace all gaskets . If you find oil on top of the motor but not elsewhere, it’s probably a lower intake rear gasket leak. Frank Robb and Garry Spencer are great resources for these motors. Low fuel consumption. Welcome to the Mariners Warehouse, the worlds leader in marine parts distribution.

The heavier your boat, the faster you drive it, the choppier the water, the more heavily loaded, or the lower in the water it sits, the more fuel you'll burn. These were part number 90430-08020-00 and are now Black and part number 90430-08003-00. 2) I checked the Gear Lube Oil Reservoir for the outdrive and that was at the "Full" line. Used Outboard Parts: All Clean Fresh Water Salvage Parts Choose your outboard motor parts manufacturer below.

Awesome acceleration. To maintain an outboard motor, flush out the engine after every use, and check to make sure the water flow exiting the motor has a strong output. When the lower unit is unbolted, the drive shaft should slide out of the splined hole in the engine crankshaft and remain with the lower unit — the part with the propeller. The engine is on a 23' Hunter Duette and the boat was run at 5knots in calm conditions with no wind.

If it's milky white then you are getting water in the gearcase. There are "slots" at the mating surfaces of the lower unit and housing on my motor for water to come through. The lower unit also houses the water-pump assembly. We carry outboard lower unit replacements for Yamaha, Mercury, Johnson, SEI and Evinrude marine motors, in addition to Mercruiser Sterndrives and SEI Sterndrives.

An outboard marine engine repair manual is a book of instructions, or handbook, for learning how to maintain, service and overhaul the 200 HP outboard motor to factory specifications. By clicking close you agree to use the site as is. But definitely not recommended. Hunters and fishermen can now travel for miles at sufficient speeds in deep water without fatigue and access areas that can only be traveled with an air cooled mud motor.

Last October, I topped off the tank and put in a full pint? of Sta-Bil to winterize it (also checked the lower unit to make sure no water was in it and it was full). Pressure testing a lower unit is best performed by an authorized Yamaha Marine dealer, because depending on findings, it may be necessary to disassemble the lower unit for further inspection. I Noticed a small black puddle of oil coming from the lower unit this morning. Lower Unit Remanufacture -Rebuilt Gear Cases.

It can leak in at the top of the gimbal ring where the steering shaft passes into the boat. Still leaking. I own a 25 horsepower 1979 chrysler outboard and noticed a crack about 1 1/2 inches long in the lower unit today and its leaking gear oilI cant find a lower unit replacement any where and cant afford a new engine right now. If it looks clean and no oil residue, then it probably is one of your upper seals leaking.

Next, drain the lower unit and refill the unit with gear lubricant. REMEMBER to always observe all applicable boating laws. We offer Sierra Marine products with same-day shipping. You can actually mix your lower unit oil 50/50 with water and it will still properly lubricate your lower unit, because of the type of synthetic oil.

Offering a wide variety of Rebuilt Lower Units: Lower Units – Gear Cases & Lower units for outboard motors. Oh, at the end of each year, drain your gearcase and refill with 80 to 90wt marine grade gear oil. I was wondering if perhaps the leak might be from the lower unit being filled to the very brim, perhaps on a cold day, and then sitting in the sun on a very warm day. Thoughts? Is it possible that I have water in my lower unit and that it froze and pushed the lube out of the weep holes? After the motor has been flushed, allow the water to drain from the cooling system as the outboard sits upright.

Anyway, I filled it up with oil this spring and drove it around a while. A leak down test measures the percentage of air leaking past the piston and rings, this is more accurate than a compression test. Hopefully they will see your post and chime in. Rich - Talking about a timely post.

I just replaced the water pump on my '99 Yam 115 the other day, and noticed a drop of hydraulic fluid at the bottom of the trim when reinstalling the lower unit, so, yeah, I'd be interested in whatever DIY tips you have on replacing the seals. Check your owner’s manual for any special procedures, but in general terms, tilt the outboard down and slide the rubber cups of the device around the lower unit to cover the raw-water inlets on both sides. So does this fresh water get to the powerhead region or does it stay in the lower unit area? Is there a yamaha diagram on this mechanism? Yamaha’s Answer: The Boater’s Log – Volume 1, No. What year is the outboard? Started my boat and didnt have any water coming out of the It has been our experience that from1989 and up the lower units and the manual tilts have be very problematic in the 40-50 hp range.

DOWNLOAD a Mercury, Suzuki, Johnson, Evinrude, Honda, Yamaha or MerCruiser repair manual straight to your computer in just seconds. 8113DA45-5611-492B-B335-0266169CEDE5. Buy products related to mercury marine parts lower unit products and see what customers say about mercury marine parts lower unit products on Amazon. And exclusive features that create the most enjoyable boating experience on the water.

After my last fishing trip, about twenty five miles total. All gearcases are covered by a one-year warranty and prices include shipping in the continental US. I initially was doubtful on the lower unit. mercury outboard lower unit Mercury Outboard Motor V6 135 HP 225 HP Lower Uni.

Pro-Drive Motors are designed to provide the convenience of an outboard motor and the versatility of a mud motor. So I replaced both the front seals and the rear o-ring. I figured it was just oil that didnt burn off in the motor from revving the motor up while trailering the boat on a steep ramp. I was told by a somewhat reliable sorce that it is the seals in the lower unit leaking but i have never had one apart further than to do a water pump so im not The lower unit is leaking fluid out the little port just below where it bolts to the motor.

It was leaking lots of oil and I hoped it was not the lower unit gearcase near prop. 5HP outboard motor which seems to have a oil leak coming from behind the propim guessing its going to be the prop shaft sealmy question is, can I replace the seal without completely taking apart the gear casing? it seems to me all i have to do is remove the prop, remove the cover nut and whatever else is in the way then i should be able somehow Since you just posted this, I'm guessing you ran it with the muffs on with the engine having no boat weight load on it. It holds the drive shaft, the propeller shaft, the water pump and the gears. Starting at the propeller, at the bottom of the lower unit, examine the motor for signs of leaking lubricants; look around the propeller and below the fill screws on the side of the gear housing.

For best results, please be specific and be patient. has cable leads for battery connection. The lower unit on Mercury outboards must be removed to change the water pump's impeller. If it is milky, just capture it and let the milky oil sit The only way I can see gear oil coming out of the water pickup is either a bad downshaft seal or a leak/crack in your lower unit housing.

Never drink and drive. Check gear oil a few hours after the outboard motor has been run to allow the emulsified water to separate i smelled a strong odor last time i rinsed the boat out. We help you both before and after the sale and stand behind our Work and our Word. Here you will find impellers, water pump repair kits, lower unit seal kits, and other related parts.

Providing Free technical assistance and quality Lower Unit parts for over 30 years makes Joe Eby an expert. Sometimes, clear water will drain out. 3. you need to reseal your lower unit to keep water out of it .

Outboard motor problems can range from simple and straightforward glitches to more complicated problems. Few maintenance chores are as important as changing the lower unit oil on your boat’s outdrive, on a regular basis. My experience with this type of lower unit is limited to one motor that is a 1957 Seaking 3hp. An overheated boat motor will put a damper on all of your plans and a dip into your pocket.

You might have to shift the lever into neutral or reverse to accomplish this. Most likely the water is coming from a leaking lower unit seal but it's tough to tell for sure without seeing it. One of the most common causes, particularly among anglers, is discarded monofilament line which gets wrapped around the prop shaft and damages the seals. Ran engine a few hours later, water Hooked up, wiped off again and then noticed another small puddle an hour later.

Submerge the lower end unit into a larger rubber container filled with water. How do you Change lower unit oil in Johnson Outboard motor? There are two fill/drain plugs located on the right hand site of the lower case. If you’re fishing, boating or taking the family out on the water, our Yamaha boat propellers Have fun on the water. Replaced everything and filled the lower unit with oil.

We discovered this when hooking the engine to the water hose to crank it for the first time this year. Remove them and drain the lubricant. com. Before I purchased it, I had a mechanic check the lower unit & oil, he said the lower unit/oil looked fine.

Looking for an outboard motor? We have all the big names with great warranties. Anyone have a ball park figure on how much it cost to get the unit repacked. Parts classifieds change daily so if you don't find what you want, come back in a few days and try again. Impellers.

It smelled like natural gas, but i couldnt find the source. Usually if something is wrong at the actual water pump, it will suck air in, not dump a bunch of water. 5 Common Outboard Motor Problems and How to Fix Them. Change went find drained the black stuff and added the new oil.

You may need to drop the lower unit and inspect. Gear set application chart Bearings and oil seals 30 to 70 hp. What is the purpose of the Corrosion Control Anode? Your outboard has control anodes at different locations. Tip: It’s best not to run the outboard right before checking the lower unit lubricant, as this will agitate the oil with whatever air is trapped inside Sounds like your friend will be able to weld the skeg crack, so give it a try.

Here you will also find your water pump/impeller. In addition to the boat repair forum we also offer OUTBOARD PARTS, INBOARD PARTS, STERNDRIVE PARTS, Motor is leaking water up from lower unit or transom. We installed a new water pump impeller, pressure and vacuum tested the lower unit, filled with new gear lube. 9 hp parts.

Water in outboard lower end oil, what to do? As the title says, I found water in my lower end oil. The chart at the end of this guide lists the approximate amount of oil needed to fill the lower unit of each model currently offered by Tohatsu. This is a fairly simple job, and the average do-it-yourselfer most likely has the necessary tools. Any idea what seal would have gone bad? My garage is heated, but the cold weather must crept in and froze some water somewhere.

90 HP 4 stroke mercury outboard is leaking water from between the lower unit and the upper unit at a rapid rate. Check Out: Yamaha Outboard Motor Water Pump Repair Kits. . 250 Mercury Outboard; Engine Slip; Mercury Boat Motors; How Does A Oil Pressure Sensor Work; 400 Hp Chevy 350; 3412 Cat Engine; 3 Hp Outboard Motor; Turnkey 350 Engine; Marine Part Europe; Cdi Power Pack; Boat Turning; Ball Pumping; 383 Stroker Motors; Exhaust Leaking Water; How Store An Outboard Motor; Unit 35 40; 135 150 175 Hp; Mercury135 Question on removing lower gear unit on a 50 HP Evinrude outboard motor.

If necessary, please contact your local dealer. 1 product rating - Mercury Marine Outboard 30-70hp Motor Lower Unit Seal Kit Lower Unit Outboard Motor Maintenance Posted on June 11, 2015 August 27, 2015 by Justin Brunner Your lower unit is the difference between cutting through the waves and being dead in the water. 2 Hp Johnson Seahorse Outboard (Gales Ferry) . 3) I checked the Engine Oil and that was at the "Full" line.

Outboard Water-Pump Impeller Service. Also use this time to inspect the propeller shaft for any cracks in the seal. And there is the school of thought I found that unless you open the lower unit oil plug and see the milkshake indication of water intrusion, never touch the lower unit except to change oil. Then slide the lower unit in place with the water tube to the water pump and slide the lower unit up until it is tight with the midsection.

When the small intake ports on the lower unit become clogged with twigs, mud, seaweed or plastic, they can starve the engine for cooling water. This Site is best viewed in IE7 or newer and Firefox 3 or newer. df150, lower unit oil seal problem There should be some signs of oil leaking at the prop seal if leaking. Put a quality propeller on your Yamaha outboard motor with our range of Yamaha propellers for Yamaha outboards.

If the outboard motor’s serial number plate contains the CE mark in the lower left-hand corner, the following statement applies: This outboard motor manufactured by Mercury Marine, Fond du Lac, WI, USA or Marine Power Europe Inc. Once the lower unit is free of the powerhead, the water pump bolts are accessible, and the impeller is very easily replaced. I tightened the 2 screws back and came back a day later and see a spot of oil underneath the motor. Check the lower unit for water as that would be there if the seal is leaking,but most times it's gas and excessive oil from the exhaust carbs could be leaking.

9 to 250 horsepower gear-case and water pump repairs Overheating of the inboard-outboard motor at the raw water intake ports on the lower unit can block off the cooling water to the engine. I have never had any real problems with this motor in 12 years. If the engine is leaking oil from the rear and over the transmission, the likely cause is a rear main seal leak (commonly attributed to overfilling the engine). 2003 Mercury Outboard Lower Unit Gearcase 2 stroke 25 HP 15" Short Shaft Condition is Used ,pulled the plugs drained the oil it was clean and there's no burs,this unit will ship without oil, it has not been pressure or vacuum tested, shifts smooth there are no visible leaks the paint is fading and flaking, there are 4 drilled holes on the cavitation plate The outdrive resembles the bottom half of an outboard motor and is composed of two sub-units: an upper containing a driveshaft connected through the transom to an engine which transmits power to a 90-degree-angle gearbox; and the lower containing a vertical driveshaft receiving power from the upper unit gearbox, transmitted through another 90 .

I'm sure it's never been done and figured I might as well just do it now while the lower unit is off the motor and I have to wait for the new water pump parts to come in anyway. 1995 mariner 150 So a few weeks ago my outboard was leaking a little black oil from the lower unit "holes". With the lower unit off the motor, you can now remove the 4 smaller bolts that secure the water pump housing to the lower unit. Approved lower unit oil for your outboard; Instructions.

The motor has less than 100 hours on it and is in excellent condition. 5 HP 4 HP 6 HP 8 HP 9. Funny thing is I have'nt noticed any oil leaking from that motor, and both plugs were tight and the gaskets were in good shape. Water is leaking from the lower unit where it bolts to the engine.

Save on lower units for 250 HP Mercury/Mariner outboard motors. One remedy is to lower the engine mount (if possible), or get an outboard motor with a longer shaft, or else the impeller may become damaged and fail, causing your outboard to overheat. I suspect that one of the o-rings or oil seals inside the lower unit below the water pump housing are leaking oil. This INSTANT REPAIR MANUAL DOWNLOAD for the Mercury-Mariner, Johnson-Evinrude, Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha 90 horsepower outboard engines were designed primarily for factory service 90 horsepower outboard technicians in a properly equipped shop.

With the water pump off, do not try to lift the unit by the driveshaft as it will pull out of the i have an evinrude etec 115 , water is leaking from where the leg meets the gearbox , what is causing this? disconnect the lower unit from the power head Mercury outboard parts drawings * Tech video Lower unit Mercury - Mariner outboard parts layouts for help 3. It was probably dirty and clogged before as to why you didn't see it then. 5 hp Functional First off that is a water drain and if it's gear lube it would be coming from the top seal of the water pump if it has a strong gear lube smell. Within the confines of the aluminum housing are the water pump and the gear case assembly.

The longer you run it with salt water in the lower unit, the more $$$$$ the eventual repair becomes. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Outboard motor help needed. It's no secret that changing outboard motor and stern drive lower unit gear oil extends engine life. Is this a serious problem.

Grease leaking from lower unit on 40HP out board motor? openings in the lower portion of the outboard motor are narrow there is a potential for large air pockets to form, causing the motor to New Verado 300 leaking motor oil out the lower unit We are a group of Verado owners from all over the world that encourage the free exchange of information about the Verado engine. I put - Answered by a verified Marine Mechanic The lower unit needs to come off the engine, the water pump seals and area need to be checked so have your pump changed/replaced. We help you save hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars on outboard motors, powerheads, lower units, outdrives, gear cases and more! Warranties available! We also have just about any boating accessory you would want in our online mall. Priced and sold each,These are the most common used on Yamaha, BUT they do not fit all Yamaha models! Please refer to our online Yamaha Parts Lookup located at the right of our site for your model of Yamaha Outboard.

Moeller Marine Products Dual Water Feed Motor Flusher For Use on All Lower Units with Side Water Inlets-099082-00 - The Home Depot what lower unit oil in a 15 hp honda outboard motor; what lower unit oil to use honda 25 hp; what kind of gear oil is use in lower unit of honda 40hp outboard; what kind of oil for 20 horse honda engine; what compression does a honda 90 outboard motor run at; what compression should a honda bf50 have; water in lower unit honda bf8a; valve (43) For all sailboats with outboard motors, be certain that your outboard motor does not pick-up out of the water when the sailboat rocks. We help you save hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars on outboard motors, powerheads, lower units, outdrives, gear cases and more! Keep your Evinrude or Johnson outboard running at its peak by using our performance motor oils produced specifically with your Evinrude Johnson outboard in mind. The lower drain/fill plug screw is usually located on the starboard side of the lower unit, beneath the “bullet-shaped” portion of the lower unit housing. For safety sake and to make lower unit assembly a little easier, take off Download a 200HP Yamaha, Suzuki, Evinrude, Mariner, Johnson, Mercury outboard repair manual in seconds.

Simple flush that slips over side water inlets on most inboard and outboard lower units. Improper disposal of gear case oil can be harmful to the environment. I change the lower unit oil every fall and there is never any trace of water in it. take the upper one out first and check the nylon gasket and replace if worn.

Sometimes when things get taken apart and repaired they are never the same. Lower unit oil smells rotten and is generally thick has a distinct Smell. Ask around at the marina, and chances are that most boat owners have no idea when the water pump on their outboard was last serviced. Pull the lower unit lower oil plug and let a small amount of oil drain out.

Yesterday, I ran the motor for the first time this year for about 10 Johnson/Evinrude water pump kits, Impellers, cooling parts and gear case seal kits to fit most older Evinrude and Johnson outboard motors are found on this page. Though the most common problem is overheating, the opposite may also happen and will create long-term problems. SERVICE TIP: Are you suspicious that your gearcase is leaking because you see black oil "leaking" around the propeller or collecting on the garage floor under the lower unit? Relax, because 9 times out of 10 what you're seeing is simply the residual lubricating oil running down out of the exhaust housing. You Find great deals on eBay for mercury outboard lower unit seal.

That pivot pin screw should also have a gasket under it’s head. That might force some fluid past a seal. Now, anyone know Buy Invincible Marine BR52610 PumpLower Unit Fill Includes Yamaha: Oil Drain Plugs - Amazon. Hello, I have a Freshwater 1976 mercury 7.

50 hp johnson outboard motor Start your preseason checkout with a visual inspection. Wiped it off, no leaking. See our other pages for more Mercury, Johnson and Evinrude outboard motor parts. If you change your own oil, please dispose of the used oil properly.

Dress properly with a USGC-approved personal floatation device and protective gear. To avoid serious engine problems, the impeller must operate at peak performance. 5 – Freshwater Flushing Adds Years to the Life of an Outboard 9. That's when I noticed the oil.

Using a flush-muff device is an effective way to rinse salt from the internal cooling-water passages when the boat is on a trailer. Cooling System. 2. Performed a leak down test and found all cylinders were at less than 3% which is excellent.

Wil fit other models of 90 degree V-4 also. And if you do find water intrusion, only panic if your get actual water out of the lower unit. Change the motor oil; Evinrude outboard oil is preferred, especially for four-stroke I have a Sears 1995 Gamefisher 25hp Outboard Tiller motor it seems to run good at low speeds but when I give it full throttle its to be slipping or won’t go full speed, it also makes a noise as the problem seems to be in the lower unit as the fast gear trys to engage. There's a fuel tank (not shown) inside the case of the motor at the top, big enough to hold perhaps 23 liters (6 gallons) of gas.

First we will hope nothing is cracked, always store the engine down in winter if outside so water not freeze behind the prop. Today I went to change the lower unit oil after I ran it on muffs with the garden hose. Browse our daily deals for even more savings! Free delivery and free returns on eBay Plus items! Outboard Lower Unit Information Page Welcome! Buy Quality Rebuilt lower units from us just like thousands of other satisfied customers. Here's how it's done.

From the angle of the spill it looks like the outboard was tilted when it leaked. If your lower unit oil is yellow and milk-shakey, you have a significant amount of water getting in (more than the drop here than there around the plug). Check the O-ring/grommet and the fit at the top of your riser tubes. The lower unit is the part of the motor lower than the exhaust housing.

Shop Wholesale Marine for the lowest prices on Sierra 18-2684 Lower Unit Seal Kits. Sure, you could pay a marine mechanic to take care of this, but it’s a simple process which you can do right in your driveway or in the boatyard, saving both time and money. Hi, if the seal is leaking it will run down the inside of the exhaust housing and you are very unliekly to see any oil on the lower cowls. Troubleshooting AccuMix (AutoBlend) Lower Unit Removal 5 IGNITION Water Pump Removal INTRODUCTION Lower Unit Disassembling SPARK PLUG EVALUATION Cleaning and Inspecting POLARITY CHECK Lower Unit Assembling WIRING HARNESS Water Pump Installation FLYWHEEL MAGNETO IGNITION 1.

I noticed a small bit of what appeared to be fresh oil leaking from these drain holes too. I have a 6hp Tohatsu 2006 and went for my yearly change in gear oil on the lower unit. As for the lower unit seal - I'm like a broken record this motor is great. Within the gear case, the drive train makes a 90-degree turn and becomes the prop shaft.

Drain the oil from the lower unit of the motor, which simply means removing the drain plug at the lower part of the unit and loosen the fill plug which is a little higher and let it run out. Thermostats. Doesn't hurt to try the gasket fix first, but my $$ would be on a bad seal on the prop shaft. 4 stroke water pump application charts 2 stroke 3.

143 Lower Unit Seal Kits - Yamaha 9-74500 Seal Kit, Gear Housing Replaces: Yamaha 67C-W0001-21-00 Yeah I am def thinking about getting the whole lower unit repacked. While the gearcase is all apart, it would be advisable to replace all the seals and orings which usually requires some special tools. This allows you inspect your lower unit to make sure it is not allowing water to intrude. would any body have suggesti I thought it was the oil/water seals leaking from the bearing carrier.

No. OUTBOARD LOWER UNIT PARTS See page 146-148 for applications charts. Oil changes are an important part of maintaining an outboard motor. The oil seems to be coming from the front of the motor where the control cables go and following the cables and dripping on the floor.

any help will be greatly appreciated to what may be causing this problem. the oil in the lower gear case in a outboard motor should be changed every fall when you take the boat out or once a year if you live where you can boat all year. Locate your drain/fill plug screw and adjust the trim/tilt of your outboard motor or sterndrive so that this plug is in the lowest position possible in order to drain the used oil thoroughly. Impeller Repair Kits.

Yamaha outboards are one of the most trusted brands on the water and are known for their reliability and their light and strong motors. Good condition. Article and Photos by Mark Corke. The impeller pitch is chosen to provide rated RPM at full throttle regardless of the weight in the boat.

Quickly removes salt and mineral build-up. Piston I checked my lower unit oil and its green and a tad milky white, and smells bad. Absolutely normal as long as it isn't an excessive amount of water like gushing out. 1981 75 hp Evinrude has some two stroke oil from the fuel oil mix dripping from the lower unit at the prop, no fuel just oil.

Some features may not work as intended in your current browser. Once emptied force By far the most vulnerable component on an outboard motor is its lower unit. I ran it again and it still has the grey sludge/foam coming out. Before winter, I replaced the lower unit oil and lubricated the propeller shaft.

There is the Drive shaft that comes down from the engine into the lower gear case. There is meant to be water coming from that area. For a long shaft motor, there is an extra rubber bushing about 4" long that goes into a cavity of the extension. The oil is much to thin to be gearcase oil.

I have a 1995 johnson outboard thats 25 horsepower. Maintaining your Mercury lower unit provides a peace of mind knowing that your boat’s motor will function efficiently when out for a day on the water. It is not possible to use a lower pitch for load carrying and a higher pitch for speed. I have the motor fully tilted down so that if there was water present that it would run out instead of staying in the outboard.

- Does anyone know what the hole to the right of the water take is/what it does? the motor is a 1999 Yamah water in my lower unit oil Well I was changing my lower unit oil yesterday and the port motor had straight milk in it. I have a 2002 50HP 4-stroke Mercury outboard that I have oil leaking from but its not from the lower unit. Early 1980's 2 Hp Johnson outboard motor with a edit #3: took several dozen pictures including with the cover off to show that the motor is literally brand new. Water leaking from my lower unit.

I attached a pict. I pulled the boat out in mid-September and but I just drained and replaced the gear oil today for the winter. This compensates for the inevitable decrease in cooling capacity that results from the normal buildup of dirt on the heat transfer surfaces. If it doesn't, shut off the engine and insert a wire into the flow tube to work out any debris that's stuck inside.

While some engine troubles require the expertise of a boat mechanic, others can be easily resolved by following the right troubleshooting steps. Outboard engine lower unit leaks often result from a broken propeller seal. Changing Oil for Your Lower Unit in a Mercury Outboard . It still would be unlikely that you would have rust in your lower unit even if it was it had a lot of salt water in it, because of the types of metals used and it.

put a coffee can or and oil collector under the The engines a 97 115 hp Johnson ocean runner 2 stroke outboard. Top of Page. This 8-step process is all it takes to ensure the oil in your lower unit is properly maintained. Helps prevent gear lube from leaking out and water from seeping in to the gear (43) For all sailboats with outboard motors, be certain that your outboard motor does not pick-up out of the water when the sailboat rocks.

Is that right? If you have run your motor at low rpm without load in cold weather, it is completely normal that unburned black oil drips out of exhaust or drain holes in lower unit afterwards, almost every two-stroke I've had did that. 1) The leak appears to be coming from the water intake holes in the lower portion of the outdrive. If you have water getting in after 3 or 4 days, the leak is considerable. Water Pump Kits for Yamaha Outboard Motors.

The other area were it could be leaking is the seal for the gear case (lower unit) behind the prop. This water pump housing can now be slid up and off the driveshaft revealing the internal working of the water pump. One of those hidden parts that can quickly lead to trouble if gone unchecked is your outboard motor’s water pump. Unlike propellers, an outboard jet drive at full throttle will turn up to rated RPM even tied to a dock.

Advice to drain the lower unit and check for water contamination is good counsel, too. I ran the motor with muffs for a few minutes and noticed water pissing from the weep hole, this cannot be good. 9HP 15HP 20 HP 25 30 40 48 50 55 60 70 75 90 100 115 130 150 200 225 250 HP 4-Stroke & 2 Stroke Models. Shop with confidence.

You can also perform this procedure in the water by tying up securely to a dock with fore and aft lines. your exhaust exits prop a little oil leaking out inside prop not a big deal. marinepower. There is a seal which holds the water out but the shaft is hardened steel which can rust, pit and ruin the seal.

skip to today, and i go out to measure some stuff on the trailer, and turn off the fan. Water is were it shouldn't be and this will eventually ruin the gimbal and sterndrive unit. 06-11-2013, 06:56 AM When my 95 DT 200 is down it oil leaks out of the sub water tube outlet just in front of the diode. Johnson Outboard Impellers.

Tech help application charts. I believe the water tube was not seating inside the new lower grommet and water was blowing by into midsection. com, the #1 full featured boating site in the world. With the motor off, remove the cowling to expose the power head.

Its not a lot, but its only been 4 days. If, you suspect it lower unit lube. Trying to go boating with my family today and while removeing the cover i found small puddle of gear lube under the lower unit coming from small hole in front section of the lower unit. Identify this hole please.

I whipped the excess leaking and re-tightened the screws. 5 to 9. Submerging the gearcase allows the motor to take in cooling water from the inlet screens and return it to the bag through the propeller. Green Bay Prop is your headquarters for used outboard parts.

It really is not that hard to remove the powerhea dn replace if you want to and IF the seal is actually damaged and leaking a bigger worry is that water can get past the seal and into the lower c/shaft bearing and eventuall the internals-that is more of a Get the best deal for Outboard Lower Unit Components from the largest online selection at eBay. I have a old Evinrude 15 hp kicker, does the same thing I pulled the lower unit down replaced the water pump the O rings and the O ring that goes around the copper pipe into the motor, and when I replaced the O ring on the copper pipe it must have slid off and I had the same thing going on as you have, so I called Henry down at Beltzville Manner Marine and he asked if I replaced the heavy O I have a old Evinrude 15 hp kicker, does the same thing I pulled the lower unit down replaced the water pump the O rings and the O ring that goes around the copper pipe into the motor, and when I replaced the O ring on the copper pipe it must have slid off and I had the same thing going on as you have, so I called Henry down at Beltzville Manner Marine and he asked if I replaced the heavy O I have a 25hp Mariner and recently drained the lower unit oil and discovered water in the oil, I continued to change the oil. The form below allows you to search for car, truck, motorcycle or boat parts in real time. Fix your outboard engine now! Fuel burns in the cylinder (or cylinders) to make power.

I removed the lower unit again and this time I greased the water tube. For sale is a used lower unit for a Johnson or Evinrude outboard motor. We specialize in used Force outboard parts as well as Mercury outboard parts. After numerous tests utilizing flush device and barrel, I finally concluded that it was the gaskets near the water pump.

Ran mint and pumped water drained the lower unit oil and it was murky. there are a bunch of o-ring seals in there(10 or 15) inthe seal kit and probably a good idea to replace the water pump impeller while u got the lower unit off make sure u install it correctly or it wont pump water. Today I noticed that its leaking gear oil out of the lower unit, right out of the bottom of the shaft. Water - The Unseen Enemy.

I see a puddle under the lower unit. I bought the boat in June 2005. It has the rotor type impeller. At least, that’s how it is intended to work.

Exhilarating speed. It also ensures that if there is water it is drained so that your gearcase does not crack or split during the winter. Welcome to the Internet's premier site for boat motors!This site is part of iboats. 25 hp Lower Unit Installation 1987 &on 2 hp- 1986 2.

Then placed it in the upright position for several days on the boat. Mercury Verado Outboard Motors. There are two drain plugs on the Mercury 2-stroke outboard, and both have utilize a flat-head screw driver. Call today about Johnson or Evinrude lower unit boat motors, gear sets, gaskets or rebuild kits.

Shop 2-stroke, 4-stroke, gearcase & fogging oils for every size engine we make no matter the brand or model. Check out these pics. As with all Evinrude outboards we build we have removed the oil injection. It holds around a cup, so you don’t need a large container to catch it.

We’ve found that the few failures with this class of outboard are due to fuel contamination or oil injection failure. Did a DIY pressure test at 10-12 lbs and found air and oil being pushed out around the prop shaft seal. This motor used to have the oil injection system, but on the advice of my mechanic, the oil injection system was removed and the motor converted to run on 50:1 gas/oil mix. DOWNLOAD a Mercury/Mariner outboard user's guide repair manual straight to your computer in just seconds and fix your problems now! GLM Marine aftermarket Mercury Mariner outboard parts.

Shifts properly and was fil A milky or whitish color in the outboard engine lower unit gear oil indicates a water leak, which can lead to engine stalling or failure. “Without the motor running, the thermostats remain closed. Note: If water was present when draining the gear oil, the lower unit or sterndrive should be inspected by an authorized dealer. The problem is that you will need to find out why the gearcase was leaking to begin with, and make sure the weld is water tight.

The operator should replace the seal and flush the oil to resolve the problem. You'll need a long-handled slot-edge screwdriver, the jumbo shank to break loose the drain plug without burring its edges of the slot. hey read your post and had the same thing on my evinrude 60 hp. Please check on www.

Johnson/Evinrude water pump kits, Impellers, cooling parts and gear case seal kits to fit most older Evinrude and Johnson outboard motors are found on this page. In my days as a marine mechanic, and later as a service manager, the most commonly repaired item was the water pump, with propeller shaft seals a close second. Every day we tear down salvage outboards for used parts. Place an oil pan or spent oil bucket below the outboard skeg before you begin! What: A flush bag is a sturdy collapsible bag that fits under the lower unit of the outboard and fills with water.

Water can leak in other areas as well. Cover the water intake ports, but allow the exhaust port to sit above the water level. Sterndrive, Outboard Lower Unit - Sterndrive Engineering (SEI) offers Sterndrives for Mercruiser's Alpha One and Gen II And Lower Units for Mercury, Yamaha, Johnson and Evinrude Outboard Motors. Had failed to heed the warning to lube everything when working on an outboard.

Missing plug gaskets may be the cause of your leaking lower unit. Hi guys, I have a Johnson 50hp 2003 outboard and whilst out this weekend I raised the engine out of the water and saw water spraying from where my lower unit meets the anti-ventillation plate. I have oil on the outside of my lower unit that is coming from a hole in the outboard. The monitor is a 225 Evinrude (Fichtt) Looks like the water is running down the front side of the mid section and draining out the lowest point/hole at the top of your lower unit.

The gear oil has a distinctive odor to it, it smells like gear oil in a rear axle on a vehicle, very sulphur smelling. I checked the gearcase oil, no signs of water in the gearcase and the gearcase was full so I'm sure that the dripping oil is not from the gearcase. Water in an outboard's lower unit often goes undetected until it's too late and expensive repairs are needed. nuts that hold the lower unit in If water or contaminated (milky-colored) oil flows out the drain hole when the plug is removed, or the oil is black and smells burned, have the outboard motor checked by an authorized Honda Marine dealer.

Remarkably smooth and quiet operation. OEM Yamaha Lower Drain Plug Gasket. jpeg My motor is a 2004 Yamaha 25hp 2 stroke 2 linder. We are not affiliated with Mercury Marine and accept no advertising.

com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases The engine feeds power through a vertical driveshaft (in the down housing or midsection) to the lower unit, where you will find the anti-ventilation plate, cooling-water pickups, propeller and skeg. Search Results for Outboard Sea King Parts. Any good Fresh Water Cooling System should have excess cooling capacity. There are different bag designs; some are designed to be used with the boat moored.

Water Pump Impeller Replacement on Mercury Outboard Mark Corke has just recently posted about an outboard water pump service. All fresh water use. It is a long shaft. motor oil would be blacker and would be normal as a little could easily blow by and end up in exhaust.

when you look at the lower unit down by the propeller you will find two screws one lower and one upper. Verado delivers everything you could ask for in a premium boating experience. Welcome to the step-by-step guide to changing your outboard's lower unit oil. Prop kits-hardware applications Power head gasket applications Gears chart for lower unit parts 115 thru 250 hp.

We did 17nm over the weekend and used maybe 10litres of fuel which sounds a lot. Download complete service manual & Yamaha outboard lower unit (gear case) service repair procedures for 2. Lower unit leaking out of sub water hole. They are fairly large drain plug bolts on the side of the lower unit adjacent to the propeller shaft.

Shop now! I have an 8hp Johnson outboard that appears to be using an excess amount of fuel. It may take several seconds to display the results. The engine need to have carbon free ran in (From what was left in the pump system) Or if it is lower unit lube. While the lower unit is draining, check to see that both the drain plug and the vent plug have little washer-like gaskets on them.

outboard motor leaking water lower unit

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